www.qislv.comOne of the many decisions facing hotel owners and developers is how to get hotel furniture and operating equipment (FF&E and OS&E) ordered and delivered along with great Project Management. What comes next is often the realization of the true scope of that endeavour, and more questions: How? What? Who? Turnkey or procure?

In the interests of better ‘quality’, QISLV emphasizes the importance of  good FF&E/OS&E procurement, start to finish, and the special role it plays for hotel owners, designers and operators – good procurement and installation companies act in the interests of all three parties in equal measure. It is a precarious balancing act, but when done well will result in durable, quality products and great customer service, and that’s what Quality Installation Services of Las Vegas represents worldwide.

So what are some of the benefits of hospitality FF&E and OS&E procurement?

The earlier a procurement/installation agent is involved, the more money they will save you. With Quality Installation Services of Las Vegas, we advocate the use of our advisory services and consulting at the early design stage, to review product specifications with the designers and assist in product sourcing through to installations.

Establishing early relations and procedures with our project team, reviewing operator requirements, and establishing the scope of FF&E and OS&E avoids expensive oversights later in the project. Early dialogue between designers and procurement agents translates directly into time and cost savings, and sets the tone for pragmatic buying practices and excellence within those installations.


For owners looking for the most transparent process in which to acquire FF&E and OS&E, the only option is an independent procurement agent working on a service fee. The transparency of the process, when managed up until the handover of a comprehensive asset register, promotes honest buying practices, and QISLV can fulfill all of these.

Cheaper than turnkey

Actually, there is no contest here. Contrary to popular belief, procurement and installation is not more expensive than the turnkey approach but is in fact as expensive or inexpensive as you want it to be (within reason). Together with the employer, suitable budgets for FF&E and OS&E are set and the procurement/installation agent will purchase accordingly. The difference is in the cost of the service: procurement/installation service fees are substantially lower than turnkey margins, where proprietary goods are often reproduced in order to extend those margins. With procurement and quality installations, you’re getting better value for money while honoring the design process to the best of the budget’s abilities.

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