Kevin Walker

KEVIN WALKER IS CO-FOUNDER & VICE PRESIDENT/COO for Quality Installation Services servicing hotels and the hospitality industry worldwide, with a strong background in project management, construction, and corporate IT. He is responsible for business development and operations, company financials, as well as overseeing field operations.

Kevin Walker has been in the Hospitality Industry for over 5 years, he has managed projects worldwide. He came into the hospitality industry from an accomplished career in the construction industry, where he successfully helped to complete major government infrastructure projects while in various roles prior to co-founding Quality Installation Services. That knowledge and experience in labor management, as well as cost management, has helped him to meet major milestones on projects, completing over 10,000 rooms. His background has provided the ability to anticipate customer needs and proactively make sure they are accommodated.

Mr. Walker and Quality Installation Services is on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.